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the threat of storms is mainly south and east of baltimore right now. parts of kent county moving down toward talbot county. this storm coming out of western pennsylvania is the actual cold front. until that clears the area at a later tonight, a severe thunderstorm warning will be in the forecast. but i think you'll like the change is coming on the way. that's thank you. now back to our other big story -- >> thank you. now back to our other big story. after months of negotiation, ratified and ebbert -- the players ratified an agreement with the owners. >> jerry kenduskeag has details of the agreement. everybody is smiling and is all over. >> law school today, football tomorrow. the lockout has finally ended. the longest walkout in history with minimal damage on the field.
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-- lockout in history with minimal damage on the field. the full body of nfl players still have to vote, but they have never gone against what team reps have suggested. this went right to the last minute. they worked until 3:00 a.m. this morning to finalize documents. the ravens will open tomorrow not -- tomorrow morning with training camp beginning wednesday and other team members joining thursday. commissioner roger goodell and executives came together as partners today and they bring football back to the field today. >> everybody had a passion and everybody believes in this game of football and what we can do to make our games better. we are grateful for all of the work that both parties did. >> i believe is important that we talk about the future of football as a partnership, but
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i'm proud of the men that you see behind me, i'm proud of the former players? stood -- players that stood with us and most of all, i am proud of our new digs. >> he had is a big one more time. -- he had to say dig it one more time. >> the money trickles all the way down. the new met -- rookie minimum salary jobs to $375,000. teams' salary caps will be at about $120 million. the question everyone will ask is, who won in this standoff? every player for the moment will make at least $375,000 and owners will make more money than ever. in other words, both sides can say one. >> and that is the way they wanted it. >> it is family over.
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-- finally over. >> back home tonight with his mother, and after he and his baby sitter just disappeared. barry simms have more -- has more. >> the parents of ki'yauhn birch said they are grateful to those who found him in washington. the credit social media with helping them find the 16-year- old girl accused of taking the boy. >> he's a ladies' man. >> relieved that her son is back in baltimore and harm, 20-year- old with the miggy is glad she can hold her seven-month old -- whitney mcgee is glad she can hold her seven-month old son again. mother and child were reunited at children's hospital in washington d.c.. the child was taken to the
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medical facility for evaluation as a precaution after someone spotted him in northeast d.c. at a bus stop. baltimore police spent much of the day questioning 16-year-old jonae boozer. she was carrying the boy when both visit -- caring for the boy when both disappeared friday afternoon. >> they said she was saying that this is my son. >> during a rally on sunday, father told police that he barely knew boozer, but decided to leave his trout with persily go to the store to get cigarettes -- his child with her, but he decided to go to the store to get cigarettes. -- as he decided to go to the store to get cigarettes. city police confirmed she is a runaway from a baltimore group
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home. the baby's mother said cut -- ki'yauhn's father made a huge mistake in not knowing who was taking care of his trial. back with his family, her great -- his great grandmother cannot hide her joy. >> oh, come here. come here. this is the heart. thank god he is back with us. >> how boozer and the little boy ended up in d.c. is still a mystery. ki'yauhn's mother thinks she got a ride. no word yet on any possible charges. >> it was a busy morning for firefighters in baltimore county. just after 6:00 a.m., they were called to a fire at a house on
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wyck burk drive. they believe the house was making. authorities found heavy fire on the 3300 block of white ave. they got it under control before it spread. no one was injured. police in the eastern district are looking for a couple of teenagers who tried to set a corner store on fire and the whole thing was caught on surveillance tape. it happened saturday night on each fairmont street. here is more. >> investigators feel this case for not be too hard to solve, as they say they have both set -- both subjects on surveillance tapes trying to start that fire. they're hoping someone will recognize the two suspects and turn them in because this story could have had a much more tragic ending. >> lucky's sit on the corner of
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fairmont and monfort streets in east baltimore. it has had many ownership changes, but recently, the newest honor has changed its around to make a community store of sorts. >> there is always somebody sitting out here. there are kids in here all the time. i see them give things away -- i see them and give things away because they do not have money. >> now police are trying to figure out why two teenagers would want to burn the place down. according to investigators, the whole of that was caught on surveillance cameras positioned around the side of the store. a first shows the two suspect entering the store to buy drinks. they leave and start walking north on monfort street. one of them like a cloth and tosses it in the a shed behind the store, which quickly ignite. luckily, a neighbor called 91 before it spread to adjacent homes, most likely saving
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hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and lives as well. >> this is a heavily populated area that this store is in proximity to. the fire could have spread to these surrounding dwellings and endangered lives. >> police were able to capture these stills of the suspects, but they still do not know what the motive could have been. >> damage was limited to about $5,000, but could have been much worse. anyone with information is asked to call 911 immediately. >> county police have arrested two people after a double shooting that killed a 17-year- old girl. overnight in randallstown, two t.ung people were shocke the 17-year-old died from her
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injuries. police have arrested two for murder. >> police have arrested -- have released two sketches, one for killing a man outside a baltimore club. george ryan was shot outside club brian in ruch -- a club in baltimore. police believe these two men may have been arguing with the victim at the club. if you know who they are, call 1-866-7-lockup. and a plane had to make an emergency landing in birmingham, alabama. an alarm indicated there was a fire in the cargo bay. crews did not find any evidence of a fire. there were 91 people on board and the reports of injuries. the federal government is facing defaults on t-bill bonds of week from tomorrow, but there's still no deal in washington to extend the borrowing limit. president obama will speak to
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the nation and 9:00 p.m. tonight. steve handelsman has the latest from capitol hill. >> with one week left, president obama has put latino activists at midday on the sidelines, after a week -- a weekend of failing at bipartisan deals. but believe me, doing things on my own is tempting. the best way to take on our deficit is with a balanced approach, one where the wealthiest americans and big corporations pay their share, too. >> for now, house speaker boehner is proposing raising the debt ceiling and cutting spending $2.5 trillion in two stages. >> we laid out a framework, no new taxes and we will not raise the debt limit more than we actually make cuts. >> senators at want to raise the
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debt limit 2.7 million through 2012 -- $2.7 trillion 32412 with serious cuts. >> in the interests -- through 2012 with serious cuts. >> now all they have to do is say yes. >> house democrats said, just make the deal. >> let's restore stability in the lives of our citizens. >> by both parties proposals running just through next year, guaranteeing the spending and tax cycle will get -- will dominate the 2012 campaign. >> secretary of state clinton in hong kong today had to reassure the chinese, who ruled $1 trillion in u.s. bonds, that a debt ceiling will get done. >> deal or no deal? see how the crisis could affect
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your checkbook. you can see the potential troubles on, just click on project economy. >> two of the biggest names in hip-hop are coming to baltimore. >> find out when they're coming and when you can get your tickets. >> exercise is not only good for the body, but it could reduce your chances of dementia. >> and also, doctors are changing the way they treat
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>> two big named hip-hop artists are making themselves known in baltimore. ay-z and kanye west will be to better. tickets one sale august 8. >> doctors are now seeing more and more men with prostate cancer in their 40's, partly because more men are being tested at an earlier age. in the past, doctors told patients it was ok to watch and wait, putting off surgery or radiation, but a new study in the new england journal of
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medicine is changing that thinking. surgery can reduce the risk of death by 39% in and of all ages, but in younger men, more dramatically. doctors say it meant should have a baseline screening at the age of 40 and -- doctors say men should have a fine screen at the age of 40 and then follow up depending on your family history. we all know that exercise is good for your heart, but a new study finds it is good for your brain as well. people who exercise regularly had a significantly reduced chance of the matchup. -- of dementia. >> esther is a woman who takes her exercise seriously, always has. she loves to shop, volunteers every week, and she is a big walker. the >> the first thing i do, this morning i was walking at
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6:30 a.m., and i -- because i was awake and i thought, get up and do it, so i did. >> one of the reasons she is so capable and energetic is probably the fact that she is a long-time exerciser. >> with exercise, you decrease the risk of developing small basket a disease and a decrease of oxygen to the brain and that reduces the chances of cognitive impairment. >> people who exercise moderately to consistently on a regular basis have a 40% chance of developing dementia. >> i think the fact that i have walked all of my life -- truly, i started very young, and i always enjoyed walking. ? how old are you, if you don't mind my asking? >> 95. >> you are not. ? yes. >> seriously?
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>> july the first, 1916. >> i would not have believed you. >> thank you. thank you. [laughter] >> no, thank you. routine vaccinations for chickenpox has cut the death rate from the illness significantly. that is according to the journal's study in pediatrics. it has gone down 95% since the vaccination became routine in 1995. death from chickenpox are rare. the benett -- the biggest benefit other than that is less lost work from -- lost time from work. lyme disease is a tick-borne illness that causes fever and flu like symptoms. after spending time outside, you should check yourself for ticks. also, seek treatment immediately
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accused the bull's-eye shaped rash. also, west knile disease is transferred to humans by mosquitos. about 40% of those who contract the disease have a fever, rash, headache and vomiting. also, get rid of any containers of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. >> now, in your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. the >> some heavy showers and storms rolling through the baltimore area, crossing the bay and heading to the eastern shore at this hour. things have dried out a little bit in the -- in baltimore, but not too much to the south and east. torrential amounts of rain and flood advisories for parts of the eastern shore. some dangers of lightning associated with those as well. here in maryland, some heavy
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showers and storms making their way to the lower eastern shore. we still have to deal with some rain in salsbury at this hour. not a lot of wind or hail at these -- with the storms, but the torrential downpour is the nature of the storms. you can see a line of storms in pennsylvania. that will bring us more modified he believed. that will not get here until tomorrow morning -- more modified key to relief. that will not get here until tomorrow morning. flood advisories are up on the eastern shore. parts of kent county, queen anne's county, caroline county, and over to the lower eastern shore around salsbury, flood advisories. very slow moving rain could have low-lying streams and creeks moving quickly. it is still quite mcgee out there, but we are not at least
5:21 pm
outng these -- quite muddggy there, but at least we're not seeing as much humidity. overnight, showers and storms rolling through. patchy fog forming overnight. light winds and it is 70's tonight. the heat relief is behind this second bit of storms. it is going to take all day tomorrow into tomorrow night for the heat relief to get here. tomorrow will be a warm day, but it will turn less humid it slowly as the winds shift to the front skies clear out and you can almost see a secondary front coming through tomorrow evening. wednesday will probably be most comfortable day of the week with temperatures staying below 90 on wednesday.
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sunshine tomorrow, a bit less humid, heights in the 80's to 93. 87 degree water temperatures at colchester beach. humid,s guys, less comfortably warm, -- sunny skies, less humid come uncomfortably warm. with a northwest breeze it will start to feel less humid. it makes all the difference in the world. ocean city may approach 90, but it will be a lot less humid. wednesday, sunny skies, 65 in the morning and a high of only 89. temperatures may start to creep upward again, getting back into the low to mid 90's over the weekend. a chance of showers and storms weekend.he but breaking news from captain
5:23 pm
roy along the edgewater area of anne arundel county. >> fire crews have been battling this fire for over 50 minutes. from what we understand, a lighting strike caused this fire. there is an issue of getting water to it. and what we understand is that the fire is actually inside the walls. they have had to pull the walls apart to get to this fire. we will update you as we get new information. >> thank you. of course, the music world is still mourning the loss of london koerner amy winehouse. why it has taken the corner so long to determine an actual cause of death. >> and same-sex couples are now coming out of the woodwork in new york. >> a federal judge years arguments to dismiss criminal charges against the son of a state senator. state senator. details at 6:00 p.
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>> the ink was barely dry on marriage certificates before they were being challenged.
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>> it certainly has not dampened plans for couples who want to make it all official. michelle franzen has the story. >> one day after hundreds of same-sex couples legally wedd in new york state, opponents of gay marriage filed the first lawsuit to overturn it. the move has not stopped a wave of ceremonies that began after midnight sunday in niagara falls. in new york city, the back-to- back weddings lasted all day. some couples stood in line for five hours or longer before saying there are eight views -- saying there i'd use. -- saying their i dos. some waited years for this day. mayor michael bloomberg officiated for one young couple sunday night.
5:28 pm
>> our wedding and so many other hundreds of winnings yesterday, they represent something very traditional and loving, which is just about family. >> a gallup poll in may found the majority of americans think gay marriage should be legal. newark is the sixth largest state, all along -- new york is the largest state, along with washington d.c., to legalize same-sex marriage. but now the battle in other states continues to play out. >> coming up, we will take a look at the day's top stories, including details at a homicide arrest in baltimore county. rex and -- >> and fans continue to mourn the death of anyone else for weeks possibly before friday of the official cause of death. we will find out why. >> protests in
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>> wbal tv 11 news continues. >> as norway nord -- mourns its dead today, anders breivik admitted to the bombing and shooting in norway. >> the death toll now stands at 68. here are the details. >> a very important day here, two developing situations. let's start with the suspect in court today, and again, admitting to the killing spree, but saying he does not deserve to be punished.
5:31 pm
he said, "it was done because he had to stop cultural marxism and muslim domination across western europe." the also tried to read from his manifesto 1500 page document, but the judge cut him off during this session. he will help for four weeks, in isolation, and then there will be another hearing. this growing memorial, that thousands of people, in fact, 150,000 people pouring into the downtown oslo area today. all of them were bringing flowers and candles and holmes. a budget emergency medical personnel walked up to the memorial, many of them crying, delivering flowers. there was a rousing ovation for them and immediately the crowd began to sing the national anthem. it was a moving moment for them.
5:32 pm
they are beginning to understand that this will take some time to get through. back to you. >> a round of heavy showers and storms in the baltimore area in the past few hours. those are now moving down to the beaches through southern maryland and parts of delaware. some flash flooding is possible with some of the slow-moving storms. the heaviest showers are in southwestern delaware, making their way south and east toward salsbury with possible flooding just to the east of salsbury. to our north and west, there is a secondary line stretching from around central pennsylvania to johnstown and pittsburgh. will have to go -- give it a little while before we can give the all clear. the good news is, at the storms are developing ahead of the cold
5:33 pm
front. more on the forecast in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. here's a look at some of our top stories at this hour. a seven-month old baby and his teenage babysitter who disappeared over the weekend have now been found. they were found in the 4400 block of nannie olen burress avenue in washington d.c. early this morning. the child was taken to a hospital for evaluation and the teenager was taken into custody. state police arrested 36-year- old donte williams this morning at a home in baltimore. he is charged with attempted murder. the 27-year-old victim was treated for serious injuries at shock trauma. and two teenagers are accused of starting a fire at leckies convenience store in the 2300 block of east fair lawn avenue.
5:34 pm
damage is estimated at $4,000. if you recognize these people, yours to call baltimore police. >> there is not a definitive cause of death for singer wayne -- amy winehouse. they will have to wait for toxicology reports. her death was deemed not suspicious by police. a private funeral is set for tomorrow at an undisclosed location. you can see her life and career in pictures on our website if you happen to be looking for a new career, why not create one of your own? >> but first, a child a shot and killed on a fishing trip, authorities say.
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that's amazing. you know what else is amazing? how easy it is to save money on motorcycle, boat, or camper insurance with geico. geico, saving people money, on more than just car insurance. >> the man accused of killing a 4-year-old boy in indiana was in court this afternoon.
5:38 pm
the boy and its father were out fishing went out of nowhere the boy was hit by a bullet. the man accused is the child labor. >> anytime a child is lost, you know, -- is the child's mader. >> anytime a child is lost, you know, it is hard on everybody. the >> authorities were saying the lid flew a few hundred feet before killing the child. the man is charged with reckless homicide. >> 17-year-old daniel gosselin was one of 17 participating at a survival training camp in alaska when he and two other students were attacked by a pair as they were crossing a stream. -- by a bear as they were crossing a stream. >> i was so happy wanted to get out there and do it. we were backpacking and doing great stuff. we knew there were risks, and we are so grateful he is ok.
5:39 pm
>> he is recovering at a hospital in anchorage. two people were hurt when a truck exploded. the driver of the truck was transferring hydrogen into a storage tank when it suddenly exploded. the employees were taken to an area hospital and treated for cuts and burns caused by the blast. the exact cause is still under investigation. >> lawmakers dropped the ball and it is costing the nation millions each day. if how airlines are cashing in on expired bonuses. >> everybody has something they can offer. >> looking for a career? how you can make your own. there recession -- the recession is forcing some to become more creative than ever. >> i will talk about this that is helping to feed you and your family.
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>> a state senator accused of bribes tries to get his charges dismissed. >> a second line of storms is dropping in from the north and west. we will see when that reaches baltimore. right now, the temperatures have dropped. but look
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>> who better to do this next story than our own george lettuce? >> musiq, lettuce is ground -- you see, let us is grown at many schools and is very healthy. >> in between the urban general of -- caught between here and john roel of baltimore, a garden that is on the cutting edge of technology. arthur morgan runs what is called the hamilton crop circle. rainwater drops in to the strains and then once filtered, the water collects in tanks and is dripped through a network of pipes underground right to the
5:44 pm
garden variety of food and flowers here. >> we are trying to reduce the amount of runoff into the chesapeake bay, reduce pollution and show kids how to recycle water. ? we plant vegetables and staff and is not easy. -- >> we plant vegetables and stuff and it is not easy. we water the plants and is definitely not easy. grex community groups involved in the project -- >> community groups involved in the project city hard work pays off in many ways. >> you can actually grow fruit, vegetables. you can redefine your own neighborhood instead of waiting for outsiders to come and do it. >> this is not just about gardening and going green, but the fruits and vegetables grown here are sold to a few local restaurants. >> l.t. izhak -- healthy eating
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for young minds. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> that line of storms that dumped heavy rain from baltimore in the past couple of hours is now making steady moves toward the coast. the heavy rain is going to make its way over to the beaches in the next hour or so. that is line one of the severe storms tracking through our region. there is a second line of storms coming in from pennsylvania. this will not be as organized, but heavy rain is possible. that storm in pittsburgh is associated with a cool front that will eventually bring heat and humidity lou retief to our
5:46 pm
area. -- and humidity relief to our area. a flooded by three, not as severe as a flood warning about the potential is there for some more to flood in low lying areas. here in baltimore officially, not quite as much rain. john collins reporting over almost two and a half inches of rain in parts of howard county. less than four tenths of an inch so far at the inner harbor. on the 25th of july 80, 100 degrees last year -- of july, it hit 100 degrees last year. it has hit 128 times so far this year. the normal would be about 18 days above normal.
5:47 pm
-- 118 days to above normal. -- it has hit 100 28 times so far this year. the normal would be about 18 days above normal. we'll have some fog developing tonight after the heavy downpours have moved through. sunset at 8:25 p.m. these clouds cutting across central pennsylvania is the cool front. it will not do a lot in terms of cooling temperatures off, but it is dry and temperatures will cool off. tomorrow evening may see a temperature drop a little bit. we're hoping that on wednesday we may be able to stay below the 90-degree mark for the first time in a while. loh 90's tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. a west wind on the bay at 5 to
5:48 pm
10 knots. morningy, 60's in the and a high of only 89 with lower humidity. the heat and humidity start to slowly build up again until we are back into the mid-90s with a chance for a thunderstorm. >> the deck showdown has mayor landers -- marylanders taking to the streets tonight. >> right behind me you have senior citizens, local union members, and federal employees at the social security administration and the are protesting what is going on in washington. here are there signs of -- hands off social security, medicare, and a cage. -- and medicaid. >> seniors say they want their voices heard about possible cuts in social security checks. >> i think it is an insult for working citizens of this country
5:49 pm
to be threatened with our life support being cut off, our disability, medicare, and medicaid. >> the national council of social security administration local says what is happening in washington is inexcusable with politicians trying to balance the budget on the backs of poor and middle-class citizens. >> we are being asked to suffer lower pension rates to cure a problem we did not cause. >> an economist and professor at johns hopkins said he does not see payments stopping, because it would put politicians in hot water with constituents. he does say what americans should be worried about is how much the deficit and expanding deficit is going to cost, not whether payments are going to be disrupted. >> the larger issue people need to be worried about is how much they're going to have to pay, for instance, the $1.2 trillion
5:50 pm
deficit that we had to pay, an estimate of $8,000 per person. >> they are also expecting more busloads to come out and join the protests this evening. if you cannot get out with protests like this one and you have something to say about what is going on in washington, give your local congressman a call. >> in consumer alert, government taxes are being eliminated from airline tickets. they have expired, but american airlines and u.s. air raids are not passing the savings on to you. instead, they have raised their rates to fill the gap and are pocketing the money that used to go to uncle sam. in this tight job market, lots of people are struggling to make
5:51 pm
it. if employers are not offering opportunities, maybe you should create your own. here are some that have done just that. >> anyone searching for work does not need the latest unemployment numbers to know the u.s. economy is in the ditch. andrew got his realitychat when he lost a management job in corporate security. -- reality check when he lost a management job and corporate security. >> i thought i was going to have to get a job as a waiter. >> so, he launched guerrilla visual publishing in his apartment with the concept of lean start up. >> you do not wait until you have x amount of capital the way you should with a store in a phone and an attorney and accountant. you do what you can with what you have. >> graphics, copy, and more threat on-line catalog. and it is officially above
5:52 pm
board. the >> we are registered with the bank and can accept credit cards and all of that stuff. >> regina davis conducts on-site inspections for home-based businesses like this one. >> you have to have a desk, chair, computers, internet commercial that you are really running a business. >> they have seen an explosion in home-based entrepreneurs. >> a lot of people have been laid off for ever reason and are trying to get back into the work force. >> there is a focus on multiple streams of income. she began "best friends forever" at home. the dog care service lives on her iphone. >> you do not need to have a real office, or even a real job. everybody has something they can offer.
5:53 pm
now have people working for me, too. >> while clearly not for everyone, the next job in this economy may be outside your front door, or a stone's throw from your kitchen. and your boss is you. >> you can't make it work if you look at it as a business and not just -- you can make it work for you if you look at it as a business and not just something on the side. >> and a new poll finds more than half of users believe social media sites do more harm than good. 18% of americans regret something they have posted on the internet. the largest majority of those which regrets are under 25 years of age. >> a state senator accused of bribery was in court this afternoon. coming up, david collins will have details on what is next.
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5:56 pm
>> mr. brooks is getting a tribute that most say it's way, way overdue. but the hall of famer will have a statute in a world park for all to enjoy them. -- oriole park for all to enjoy him. >> if you are an orioles fan from the '50s, '60s, and '70s, he was the player everyone loved, the master of third base. no one could make the plays like brooksie.
5:57 pm
>> he is one of the greatest players to ever put on an orioles uniform. brooks robinson, and now finally he is getting a much deserved statute. >> he worked at the plaza between pickles pub and -- they're working at the plaza between peoples of and orioles park to fix up the statue and its base. >> it is a great attraction for people to come see at those games. it is a great honor to put it out. >> over at pickles, folks are right to see that brooks is getting -- glad to see that brooks is getting this well- deserved honor. >> yadier 20 + year career and a record home runs with the orioles, two world series. >> to pay tribute with a statue to him is long overdue.
5:58 pm
i am very pleased to see it. >> in south baltimore, they were busy sandblasting the lettering that will go on the steps. this one remembers brooks in 1970 as the world series mvp. >> to have this permanent recognition of him as he welcomes fans and tours is a pretty good thing. >> it will be unveiled in late october. >> it is bronze, about 9 feet tall, weighs about 1,500 pounds. it shows brooks with his foot touching third base and he is in a position where he is preparing to throw from third base to first base. >> isn't that great? >> most appropriate. >> and long overdue.
5:59 pm
that does it for us at 5:00 p.m. >> here is what is coming at 6:00 p.m. >> the ravens waste no time putting together their preseason schedule and roster moves. more on that at 6:00 p.m. >> and two teenagers caught on tape trying to set a convenience store on fire. >> a state senator accused of accepting bribes had his day in court. >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> it has been a long time coming and it is great news for everybody. i want to thank everyone for their leadership and securing the long term business of the game. >> the players agreed to the deal earlier survey. that clears the way

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